My recipes in detail

"Un savon sous la Yourte", nomadic soapery, is in Provence but ... in a big World too!

design & conception

A soap should make the skin sweet.


Of course, it's a little redundant but ... A soapmaker have to remember this golden rule. Always. Making soap is something simple, really. Making a sweet soap, that doesn't melt too fast, that has a nice foam with small and large bubbles ... a soap that is easy to rince off, with a nice smell ... a soap that could helping your skin renew itself ... It's not so simple. 

So, we are monad in Provence. In this region, there are some specific things, like Lavender, Thymus, Olive oils ... that we all know. Historically, we have some other things, lesser know, but most significant for me, because there are most popular and less touristics, often outdated and in the way of oblivion : Cade Oil (juniperus oxycedrus bark oil) from the Lure mountain, Hemp oil from Marseille (the"Cannebière" street is named with "cannabis" ...), Sheep milk from the mountains (transhumance's souvenirs), Sweet almond oil from Valensole ... So many little things who make the provençal's culture. 


 But we're also in the mediterranean basin : the connection to the world. The Provence is linked by history and people with some specific regions around the Mediterranean sea : Sicilia and Calabria where county of the "Royaume de Provence" (South of Italia), Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco with the harbor city of Marseille (and a dream of a better world for many people...), and, by the way, all Africa ! Marseille is born with Phoenicians sailors 2600 years ago, Aix-en-Provence with Romans, Sisteron with Allamans (a barbarian people who came from the North of Europe)...

Provence is a land of interbreeding, a kneader of cultures. So, in my recipes, I mix ! Shea Butter from Africa (North Guinea exactly), Red Palm Oil from Kenya, Sweet Orange essential oil from Sicilia; Olive oil from Spain, Morocco, Greekland and Provence ... 

2022 : A new age begin

Like I said, we are nomad. And today, this nomadism is more important, because the world is big... We are currently moving to Scotland. Scotland !? Why !? 

In 8 years of life in Yurt, in 45 years of life in Provence, we have seen some changing in the landscape. It's named "the climate change". In Provence, there is less and less rain. Less and less snow. More and more wind, more and more highs temperatures. Most of trees are dying. Fire is prevalent. People of Provence is changing too, sometimes in the "good" way (if we can say that's a good way however), sometimes no. There are some things that we can't see ... we don't want to see. Yes, something's happen. The climate change, and landscapes show us that. 

We decide to move away. In a landscape we like, in a landscape who remember us the mountain, who smell humidity and flowers. A landscape with real trees... 

In my project of soapery, I love melting cultures. So, now, I have a new one : the Scottish one. Let me some times for learning, testing new recipes, handle the specifics oils, like rapeseed cold pressed one, for example. I have to understand the specific Scottish water (I said Water, not Whisky guys !), because this water is ... damned ... sooo sweet (for a guy who came from Provence) ! Let me some times, and I will be able to mix two cultures : Mediterranean and North Sea, Alps and Highlands, Durance and Strathmore valleys !

Le Sandou

i.e. "Smellsweet"

A traditional toilet soap with shea butter from Guinea highlands.


So simple, perfect to discover the world of the cold-process soapery. It smell good lavender from Valensole and sweet orange from Sicilia (there is an historical link between Provence and South Italy, the "Kingdom of Provence" of the Middle-Age).


No need to slather on moisturiser after the shower: the Sandou is enough... 

Le Coeur de Feu

The Heart's Fire

A regenerating toilet soap for all damaged skins.


Made with an olive oil base, it's enhanced with the magic hydrating, regenerative and conditioner hemp oil from Provence. It contain my own St John's wort flower oil macerate too, who's soothing and reparative. The pure and sustainable Red palm oil provides a great shot of carotene ... With some other natural and secrets good things, the synergy is perfect. 


In short, the Heart's Fire is really great for damaged, tattooed, dry or acneic skins... 

Its natural perfume remind us for the provençal mountain, honey and a hint of wood fire.


For the little story, "Coeur de Feu" was the name of my tattoo artist.

Le 1871

i.e. "1871 year" or "La Commune de Paris"

A two century-old receipt of toilet soap, before the world-famous "Savon de Marseille" and before the historical event "La Commune de Paris", between the two Revolutions in France. With 55% of Olive oil and enhanced with the traditional and old-fashionned linseed oil, it is without palm oil. A very old recipe, a forgotten golden soap left behind the industrial revolution.


This soap is very smooth, sweet and rich. It will delight mature skins, but not only...!

Naturally perfumed with lemon verbena essential oil, it is an invitation to take care of oneself.

Le Dulce de Leche

It's an Argentinean speciality, like a milk jam... 

The sweetness soap we do. Why ? Because it's made with sheep milk from little farmers around us. Most milk than water ... and sheep milk bring to your skin the sweetness you need if you are too sensitive to all-days soaps. 



The Dulce de Leche is enhanced with sweet almond oil from Valensole, with shea butter and white clay. The perfume of barn is completed with the rose one of geranium essential oil. 

Nature, you can be so sweet ...

Le K des Anges

i.e. "The case of Angels"

A black soap with a bewitching fragrance ... based on olive oil and enhanced with juniper bark oil "l'huile de cade vraie des Cévènes"


The juniper oil is old-fashioned in Europa, but still used in Maghreb and Machreck for purify and refresh drink water. It's a natural treatment against parasits and some skin diseases. The perfume is really hard, specific. It's enhanced with mint essential oil.